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Transfering mp3 files from PC to smartphone...NEED HELP

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Fellow developer friends,

i'm trying to develop a program in Java that allows

someone to transfer mp3 files from his PC to his


My question is;
- What Java technology can I use to do this?
- Has such a thing been done before already, and if

so, where can I go to see how it was done?
- Is using JavaFX the answer and are there any

tutorials pertaining exclusively to file transfer



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I think Bluetooth makes most sense for your purposes. Check out JSR 82 (Bluetooth API) for information how to use Bluetooth from Java. Also, check out our developer resources section (, there is a lot of information for new developers plus a section on JSR 82.

Oh, and before you get started you need to check if your smartphone includes a JSR 82 implementation or you won't be able to access Bluetooth from Java.

If you want to copy files within the device (e.g. from one directory to another) you need the File I/O API as well, which is JSR 75 (PIM/File).

Good luck,

-- Terrence

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First my reply to Ig Clemens:
Thank you for being so prompt in your reply. You're quite right - maybe I should be tackling something smaller, but this task landed on my desk at work (probably because no one else wants it) and although I know that it's above my water level, I'm going to use it to deepen my understanding.

Where would we all be if Babbage or Edison decided to give up on their first tries?

my reply to Terrence Bear:
Thank you for replying and being helpful. I found the tone of your reply more guiding.

What I would like to do is copy a file from a PC to an Handheld. That's it.

Researching this topic I have come across factors like;-
- I have to take the file systems into consideration,
- the two devices have their own nomenclature, therefore their own set of communcation protocols,

and these two factors already start to complicate the issue.

I guess what I am really looking for;
is firstly to understand what programming topics are involved, (yes, I am very much a beginner here)
then to develop something very simple, like perhaps copying a file from one dir to another in the same device,
and then
attempting the real task.

Would you like to comment?

Thank you to the both of you.


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Sorry for the slow reply. I am not sure I understand your question. Most smartphones already have native support for transfering files over USB or Bluetooth. So if it's just a metter of getting the file from the PC to the smartphone then I suggest to use the native feature. If you want to access these files from a Java application then I'd need to understand what you are trying to do.


-- Terrence

Terrence Barr
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> - What Java technology can I use to do this?
Well this really depends on the type of smartphone.
If your mobile uses custom protocols well, then, there is no "Java technology" you could use for that. You would have to write "drivers" for every smartphone again and again.

> - Has such a thing been done before already, and if

> so, where can I go to see how it was done?
> - Is using JavaFX the answer and are there any
How could it be?

Please don't get me wrong, but better spend your time on projects that better fit your knowledge level. Maybe I am wrong but from what I've heard you don't know java (programming in general?) very well?
Why not create something useful but more simple to get started?

lg Clemens