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Embeding JMAKI widgets in a JMAKI grid widget

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Joined: 2006-03-16

Does anyone know if it is possible to embed a widget within a widget, such as a combo with in a column in a grid widget. I can add rows and put regular html such as a select in a column, I can not figure out if it is possible to add another widget, I am sure we must be able to ?

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Joined: 2006-03-16


Forget the Nitobi grid.

Take a look at this demo on ,
grid > Inline editing this is the kind of thing I am looking for.

Could there be a JMAKI version of this inline editor grid made available ?

Joined: 2006-03-16

Any news on the Ext widgets?

I understand they have disappeared from jmaki because of a licensing issue?

Anyone working on a similar grid widget they want to share, in particular I am interested in being able to embed other widgets in a cell such as drop downs sub grids - see my previous post.

Joined: 2006-04-07


I too want to use the Ext widgets within JMaki, and in what little spare time I have I am currently working on adding various Ext widgets. An older release of JMaki came with the Ext menu, tree and editable grid widgets bundled in a .zip file. This is what I am adding to in the hope that they can be used in the future. It may be an option for you to use the library from this older release (don't know if the Ext licensing would permit this), but I know from a previous post of mine that the JMaki team were hoping to be able to distribute Ext widgets as a separate bundle.


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Hi guys,

At this time we can not distribute jMaki wrappers for ExtJS on our site. Their website clearly
states that they want to license the technology and that will keep us from posting the bits.

I'm hoping that will change and that at some point they will go back to a dual license.


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Currently it is not possible in a grid. The tabbedviews, accordions, and dcontainers all allow for includes via a "include" property where you provide a separate page with widgets in it.

What kind of things were you wanting to put in a grid widget?

I ask because we are considering an API to allow for this in the future but I'd like to know how this might be used.



Joined: 2006-03-16

Hi Greg,

What I am looking to do is be able to put something like the jmaki combo in a cell and pick values as the cell value, or add a button/link to a cell that enables popup windows etc.

The kind of stuff you can do with the Nitobi grid editors (which is not jmaki friendly)

The following snippet has a html select in one of the cells, I would like to be able to replace it with a widget such as the jmaki combo and use all the type ahead/lookup functionality to pick the cell value.

value="{columns : [
{ 'label' : 'Title', 'id' : 'title'},
{ 'label':'Author', 'id' : 'author'},
{ 'label': 'ISBN', 'id' : 'isbn'},
{ 'label': 'Description', 'id' : 'description'}
rows : [
{ 'title' : 'Book Title 1', 'author' : 'Author 1', 'isbn': '4412', 'description' : 'A Some long description'},
{ id : 'foo', 'title' : '

, 'author' : 'Author 2', 'isbn': '4412', 'description' : 'A Some long description'}
}" />

also set the cell width etc.