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Inline Edit Box Problem

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Hi all,
I m very new to Dojo toolkit.We have an application where we have used custom inline edit box.It is working fine but in case where i use two edit box the second box goes on new line and so on for every value of the property.For example i have used edit box for zip code(020)-(234524) the first edit box remains at the same place but the second box goes on new line i.e. just below the first one.I guess it is getting wrapped.We are using it in a JSP page.
Can anyone help me out of this problem.I want to place this widgets in front on each other not on new line.
All suggestions are welcomed.
Thanks in advance.

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This is more of a CSS issue than a jMaki issue. In our template:


We use a "div" which puts a line break after it.

If you change the contents of the /resources/dojo/inlineedit/component.htm

to use a span you can do what you need to:


I tested this and it works for me.