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make JAX-WS work with endpoint changes

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Hi dear fellows!

Sorry for the poor english (i´m brazilian). I´d like to ask a question:

Let´s suppose that I have a Web Service in a Production environment.

I get it´s WSDL and use wsimport to generate artifacts to build a client application.
Ok ´till there, the client works fine and the web service is consumed.

Now let´s say that I have exactly the SAME web service, deployed in another server.

Just explaining, the endpoits point to :

So, as said before, I generated the client for the service at, and it´s being used by several hundreds of aplications that use my client to consume the web service.

So now, let´s suppose that I need, for any reason, start comsuming the service at (it´s the same service, just located elsewhere), abandoning The point is that many people are using the client to access the web service, and I can´t re-generate the artifacts and recompile and rebuild the client and re-distribute it to the people because the endpoit will change.

I know that I can build the client using Dispatch, but that´s not the point.

Do you know how can I dynamically change the endpoint to the web service without need to rebuild the artifacts?!?!

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!!

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If you just want to change the endpoint address, you can do it it multiple ways.
When you instantiate the service class, pass the WSDL of the service
like new HelloService(bar.acme.com_wsdl_location,bar.acme.com_service_qname);


Just change the ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY on the proxy.

((BindingProvider) proxy).getRequestContext().put(BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY,bar.acme.com_service_location)


Joined: 2007-07-20

Orray! TKS for the help... it´s exaclty what I needed.

I did:

SampleService service = new SampleService(new URL(baseUrl, wsdlAddress), SERVICE_QNAME);
Sample servicePort = service.getSampleSoapPort();
String returnedString = servicePort.execute("Test Message");

Tks for the response!

Best regards,