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jMaki for Django (mod_python) pages

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I currently use jMaki for Java development and I'm encouraged to see that their is also support for using jMaki in PHP. However, for some projects I am using Django web framework which runs on top of mod_python.

Does anyone know of any current implementation or jMaki core file for Django (python) , or at least direct me on where I can get started creating this support as was done for PHP?


~= Chris =~

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I don't know of any yet. But it's pretty easy to get the server to do what you need.

The best way would be to get the CVS source or download the PHP bundle and look at the jMaki.php and XMLHttpProxy.php these are the two files that provide the jMaki functionality and they are only about 500 - 600 lines total of code with documentation.

Instructions on the CVS may be found here:

We also have a server side JavaScript and a Ruby (in process) implementation. As the PHP verison provides complete support on the server I'd recommend picking it up.

Another good resources is the jMaki Life Cycle diagram which can be found here:

It's a bit old but the concpets are the same.

If you need help I'd be willing to do what I can.


Greg Murray
jMaki Lead
gmurray71 (a)