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Setting up a Super Peer

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Dear All,

I'm about to set up a super peer (rdv/relay) on my University's network. I'd like to make this a resource for all to use (i.e. public) and it will be based in the UK (we are on the JANET network). I've been provided with hardware and firewall permissions in order to get this running but I'd like some advice on how to configure it. Is net.jxta.ext.config.Profile.SUPER sufficient for my needs and how should the JVM ideally be configured (memory etc.)?

Sorry if my question seems vague but I'm really looking to pick people's brains on this one.


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Joined: 2003-06-12

You should use the NetworkManager instead, see the JXTA tutorials as they provide a good blue print to follow. it also allows you to obtain the NetworkConfigurator to make any specific adjustments.