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GRIN directory refactoring

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Joined: 2004-02-13

Hi everyone,

Just a quick note - we're refactoring the GRIN workspace a bit. For now, all of the repository directories except www have been moved under a new directory, "grin".

With this done, we'll be making more improvements in the near future, notably:
* A new version of the BDJ JAR signing tool will be created in its own
directory, not under grin. It'll probably be tools/bdjsigner, or something
like that.
* The JAR signer will work - internally, we have it working on two PC players
and one consumer player, so that's looking good.
* The tools will be something you build once and install.
* There will be real ant files for building, instead of this prototype stuff done
with shell scripts.

Good things are coming in the hdcookbook repository!