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How can I run jxta-c-2.5.2?

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Joined: 2007-03-21

I built jxta-c-2.5.2 and when I ran it. there are some problems.

Could some one help me?


[JXTA]-warning-[08/14 21:52:33:531250][TID: 5612] - [\jxta-c-2.5.1\jxta-c-2.5.1\
src\jxta_tta.c:386] Deprecated API called.
[CM]-error-[08/14 21:52:33:531250][TID: 5612] - No Thread pool for the CM
[CM]-error-[08/14 21:52:33:531250][TID: 5612] - No driver available for sqlite3.

[CM]-error-[08/14 21:52:33:531250][TID: 5612] - db_id: 1 -- error creating table
s db return 70023
[CM]-error-[08/14 21:52:33:531250][TID: 5612] - Failed to open dbd database: .cm
\jxta-NetGroup.sqdb with error 70023
[CM]-error-[08/14 21:52:33:531250][TID: 5612] - Error processing address spaces
-- 120007

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Joined: 2008-11-24

probobally it's caused by the failure to find the proper driver for the sqlite3,I encountered the same problem,confused at first.
After some time-consuming invetigation of the source code,I found the driver is apr_dbd_sqlite3-1.dll,which is required by the dbd of apr to use all kinds of databases which obviously includes sqlite.So I download the complete package of Apr project,includes apr-util,apr,apr-iconv. Put the apr_dbd_sqlite3-1.dll right in the working directory and it works. I hope my experience could give some help.....

Joined: 2008-09-19

Does anyone have an answer for this? I'm trying out jxta-c 2.5.1 and having the exactly same problem.

Joined: 2009-08-06

ok, I build the apr with the fixed Revision from the wiki.
I fixed the SDK bug in apr, found the missing hint to copy thread_pool and even compiled jxta-c and without errors.
damm - 3 weeks :(

So, now I get a hard crash in the jxta.dll when initialising sqlite3 driver.
Log Output (Shell): Unrecognized seeds attribute : "seeding" = "true"
No driver available for sqlite3
error creating tables db return 70023
so, now I dont have any idea.
Any solution on this?