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jmaki-dojo-jsf application

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I acquired the jmaki-dojo-jsf war file and installed that into a debugging environment. When I run this, I had to use version 6 of Tomcat because I believe of the necessity of jsp version 2.1 support. Fine, this is a problem for me and my sales pitch to my manager, but ok.

When I view the running application in Firefox, it works splendidly, everything is accessible, runs perfect.

In IE, the front page works, but when I select almost any dojo widget, I get a warning box with a red "X" telling me this:

Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://localhost:8080/jmaki-dojo-jsf/tabbedview-jsf.faces. Operation aborted

This is not so for only the following widgets: Editable Table, Fish Eye, Table. All these work in IE.

The tree control gives a javascript error: A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug? Line 27. Error: Expected identifier, string or number.

My version of IE is current, so maybe there are some incompatibilities.

The question is, what do I do now? I can't use a library that won't work in IE, as that browser is the one primarily used by the customers of my product. I would hate, and I mean hate, to abandon jMaki. Is there any chance that I am doing something wrong, or that these issues will be fixed soon?

If it will be fixed soon, I can run this in Firefox for the duration of my development time, but I have to know that there is a solution, either on my end or that there will be a new release in the next month or so. I've already got a hard sell on forcing an upgrade to Tomcat 6.

I will check out the behavior of the Yahoo widgets, which would work just as well as the Dojo widgets for my purposes.

If we adopt jMaki, I will become more of an expert on the internals.

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Hi Jackett_dad,

The cause was a bug with IE where if you log messages before the document has been loaded it will cause the screen to go blank and that "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site ...".

We consider this a very serious bug and therefore have fixed it. The .9.7.1 release of jMaki is now available including the Dojo and Yahoo Test apps which I checked myself on IE 6 and IE 7.

I'm sorry for all the trouble but at the same time glad we were able to quickly find a fix for this.

We have been using our logger increasingly more and I'm really surprised we didn't see this before.

We do run on Tomcat 5.5 though I do most of my testing on Tomcat 6 now. If you are using JSF you will need Tomcat 6. Another alternative is Glassfish which supports the latest JSF. My group at Sun develops it and you can find out more at

As for the Dojo widgets we have 0.4.3 widgets which are stable (these are the ones you see) and we also have wrapped the new Dojo .9 early beta widgets (though they need some work). If you are interested in the latest and greatest Dojo I can help you out.

There is a lot of things you can do with JSF and jMaki that we still need better documentation on. If you dissected the war file for the JSF Yahoo and Dojo Apps you may have noticed we can serve up resources from a jar file in JSF and you can override it with files in your local app.

If you have any more problems or questions please let us know.

Thank you again for pointing out the problem.

gmurray71 (a)

Joined: 2007-07-18

I did see that you are including web resources in a jar. I didn't know you could do that, and was immediately on the phone with my manager telling him all about it. We were just talking about a way to share web resources, and more than that, how to share widgets. Sounds a little like jmaki, no?

I have to reiterate that there is no way at present that I can cause the company to change application servers, not by upgrading Tomcat or switching to Glassfish. The latter might be a possibility in the future, especially that it plays so well with the latest and greatest java technologies, the lack of which is truly a recurring problem.

That said, if jmaki were playing nicely with jsf applications that do not use jsp, and are solely xhtml based, I wouldn't need Tomcat 6. The only reason I would have to upgrade to 6 is because the examples are using jsp.

Like I've said before, I converted all the yahoo examples from jsp to xhtml, and some of them even work. I'm running this in Tomcat 5.5 with no problems. But some of the widgets don't render, and some render in IE but not Firefox (ironic because it was just the opposite problem for me yesterday). But IE is the browser of choice, and I'm going on faith that either the jmaki team will pick up the torch on xhtml integration, or that I can write my own widgets once I get other things done and won't have to rely on that. I think you know which I would prefer.

And like I said before, I have a war file that I can send you. All the documentation that instructs on how to use Facelets and JavaServer Faces is demonstrated with XHTML. I think its a valid cross section for jmaki to focus on, but then again, I'm no strategic planner!

At any rate, I really appreciate the time you've taken with this, and I thank you for the recent update of jmaki. This project is really exciting.

Joined: 2007-07-18

The yahoo widgets behave much better.