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Imagero 2.0 RC3 released

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Joined: 2003-11-18

Imagero 2.0 RC3 is out.


Implemented basic TIFF writer.
TiffWriter can currently write RGB, ARGB, CMYK, and greyscale (8 bit) images.
Supported compression types are: uncompressed, PackBits, and ZIP.

Simplified interface:
All methods about image loading was moved from MetadataUtils to Imagero.

Added method to load image in one line:
Image img = Imagero.load(File f, [int index]);

Added method to get thumbnail in one line:
Image img = Imagero.loadThumbnail(File f, [int index], int maxSide);
//this method first looks if file already contain thumbnail with dimensions near to required size and if not then scales original image.

Added method to transcode image as JPEG:
Imagero.saveAsJpeg(File src, File dst, int transform, int quality [, float scaleFactor]);
//where quality is from 1 (worst) to 13 (best)
//and transform is Imagero.XFORM_RGB or Imagero.XFORM_GRAY

Tiff conversion:
it is possible now to change compression of TIFF files:
Source images may be: uncompressed, PackBits, ZIP or LZW compressed.
Destination images may be: uncompressed, PackBits or ZIP compressed.

Bug fixes ware made.