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jmaki jmaki-java-0.9.7 release feedback on sample apps...

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I ran the ant command ant deploy-all-j2ee and then tried the sample apps. Things seemed work fine for the most part. I have some feedback which I will post, so you get some free testing ...

1) Craig's List Mashup Sample app
this app, when I click Feedback on the banner, I get an email template sending email to "feedback@youraddress",
shouldnt this be feedback alias of jmaki project?

Also, it is not clear what the other two links on the banner are suposed to do? Nothing happens when I click "sitemap" or "home"

2) in general, might be nice if sample apps would make external links open in another browser tab/window so that they dont make you leave the sample app and go to another site. Maybe use a target attribute on the link to external sites that are not used as a part of the sample application itself?

for example in Generic Service Sample appwhen I click the link in "Find out more about this sample in Creating and Using API Keys with Java Based Ajax Services." it would be a better user experience to have it open in a new window/tab instead of taking me to the

jmaki project, since at this point I am no longer in the sample app.

3) Struts example
I saw this warning ...
Warning: encoding ""utf-8"" not supported, using UTF-8

in the banner of the sample, it has 2 links, one to "home" which seems to list which then redirects me to site and this is extremely slow, maybe just href directly to the jmaki project site for a better user experience?

Also, in the banner of the sample, this app, when I click Feedback on the banner, I get an email template sending email to
"feedback@youraddress", shouldn't this be feedback alias of jmaki project? This would improve the user experience.

4) RSS example
On IE 6 browser, when I resize browser window the different boxes get put in weird locations and pages dont look good.

For example, the RSS entry list is now below the detail item(if you had previuosly clicked at item in rss list) and not even aligned with each other, plus the rss list is longer than the background so it flows into white spcae and page looks patchy.

Also, the RSS entires should list the newest items first instead of listing them from oldest to newest, just to make them more useful to read.
No one likes old news :-)


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Joined: 2003-07-31

HI Sean,

Thank you for the feedback. Will put these suggestions in the next rev. I think using targets would be a good idea.

The links are built into our standard templates and they are meant to be replaced which we didn't do for these apps. We will beef it up in the next round.

Also the IE 6 issues is not us, it's the standard way IE handles CSS ;-( good thing is the behavior is better in IE 7.

The RSS order is really based on what the server gives us and we could fix it, once again good suggestion.

Thank you for the feedback,