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Rendezvous configuration

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Joined: 2007-07-12

As I understand, in Jxta network, there must be at least one Rendezvous peer, other peers will find this Rendezvous peer by looking up to the bootstrap reference (i.e which contains addresses of rendezvous nodes)

I'd like to build a complete decentralized network that everyone has equal role at the beginning. If a peer can't find rendezvous peers after a while, it will assume rendezvous role and broadcast message to other peers. Can someone tell me how to configure it?

Is it possible the build a network without any bootstrap reference. The peers will be able connect themselves together at the beginning , reconnect after a rendezvous is down ...etc ?

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Joined: 2003-06-13

The statement " Jxta network, there must be at least one Rendezvous peer..." is not correct. The Rendezvous is optional.

For example, the existing TCP transport allows you to use multicast to discover each other.

JXTA works on the top of the heterogeneous networks. You can use as many mechanisms as you can imagine to implement the discovery service.

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You can reconfigure your peer to be a rendezvous if no others are found. But I think you'd have to stopApp on all net peer groups and unref them as the world peer group can only be instantiated once.

I think you can dynamically discover Redzv on your subnet using multicast. But the problem is you'd need a dedicated, public Relay to traverse NAT and firewalls - otherwise you'd be restricted to your subnet.