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Discovery of PipeID

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After many hours of working on JXTA I think I understand that you cannot connect to a server socket unless the client knows the PipeID to connect to it, granted both apps reside in the same network... Now I used the Discovery sample all from the programmers guide to get a list of avialable peers in the network and return a PeerAdvertisement.

With the PeerAdvertisement of the server can the client use it to obtain the PipeID to connect to it? Can I use a login to connect to the server??

How do credentials come into play here? Do I need them at all?

I really appreciate help on this, if anyone really knows feedback would be great... even if its a shot in the dark.

Many thanks,

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Joined: 2007-07-26

PipeID needs to be the same in the client and server to establish a communication successfully.

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Hello Alessandro,

Here is a try:

Any JXSE-driven peer can create a PipeAdvertisement and publishes it in the net (cashed by a Rdv). PipeAdvertisement is an xml-document and can be created using different approach (statically in form of a file or programmatically using related API, mainly located in [b]document[/b] and [b]protocol[/b] packages)

Any JXSE-driven peer in the net can be a Rdv.

A peer requests the Rdv or the it’s PeerGroup for a PipeAdvertisement and gets it.
(using platform’s PipeService and the data, contained in the PipeAdvertisement) this peer creates [b]InputPipe[/b], [b]OutputPipe[/b] to respectively [b]read[/b], [b]send[/b] data to the [b]ServerSocket[/b] at the other end of this specific pipe.

A server provides JXTA services.
Using platform’s security API you CAN control access to any JXTA service.
With this API you can [b]ALSO[/b] use another [b]security method[/b] (i.e. using [b]chip card[/b] or [b]biometric[/b] based token)!

I understood JXTA so.…
(I hope it is of some help. Now keep smile!)