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Getting jMaki to work for me

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Joined: 2007-07-18

I am trying to get a jMaki widget to render in a JSF and Facelets application. I've managed so far to get dojo working using the jsf-extensions mechanism, but what I really need is those fancy widgets jMaki can provide.

I'm working on Windows XP, Tomcat 5, with IntelliJ as my environment, and I really can't change out any of these.

My JSF version is 1.2, jsf-extensions 0.1-rc2, jMaki

This is the first time I'm attempting to use jMaki, so here's what I've done:

I put ajax-wrapper-comp.jar in my lib path (WEB-INF/lib), and I can see when Tomcat starts the message:
INFO: Added Library from: jar:file:/D:/app/exploded/WEB-INF/lib/ajax-wrapper-comp.jar!/META-INF/jmaki.taglib.xml

So the tablib has been deployed.

In the root of my web resources folder, I added /dojo/inlinedit (and so I have css, htm and js files for the component, and a widget.json), and I added a /resources/libs (which drills further down to contain /dojo/v0.4.3/src and a bunch of subfolders here).

I altered the widget.json slightly because the paths specified didn't look like they would find the appropriate resources. If this is a potential problem, please let me know. For now, I haven't said what the current problem is.

So now I think I'm set up to use jMaki.

So now, in my XHTML file that will display the inline edit, I include the jMaki namespace as this:


and in the page I include the widget like thi:

What is happening is that the line is being rendered exactly as is, not expanded. I can see it just like this when I view the html source of the page.

I have to be missing at least one key ingredient to make this work.

I would just love it if I could make this work!

Please help!


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Joined: 2007-07-18

I went to the CVS repository and got this file:


I extracted this and took from it the version of ajax-wrapper-conf.jar it has in there, and attached the sources included in the snap shot so that I could look at what is happening in there.

I'm still having the same problem.

I can see though that this version is probably the version I should be working with, because it has the appropriate uri in component-jsf.tld, and a tag called ajax, which I am invoking from my page. I thought for sure this was going to fix the problem.

But no.

I don't see at any point in the loading process an indication that component-jsf.tld is being loaded. I do see in ajax-wrapper-conf.jar a faces-config.xml in the META-INF folder. Do I need to add what is in that faces-config.xml to my faces-config.xml, or is that done magically under the covers when the jar is loaded? I don't think component-jsf.tld is loaded, and therefor, the ajax tag is not being rendered.

Joined: 2007-07-18

Ok, the problem is that I was looking at outdated documentation and using the wrong uri.

Ultimately what I did was to create a facelets/jMaki/ajax application in Netbeans, then lifted all the libraries that were carried into the build, minus jsf and facelet specific libraries that I have already painstaking acquired.

Then I dragged and dropped a control from the pallete and looked at the code generated, and that's when I discovered the change of uri.

Netbeans is way cool, by the way. It really bailed me out of a spot. I was able to get the application up and running in a matter of minutes.