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Potential Bug in JxtaBiDiPipe?

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I've been using JxtaServerPipe and JxtaBiDiPipe in the project I'm working on and I've come across something a little bit strange which (after digging through the source for a while) I think might be a bug.

Essentially, when you call "setCredential()" in the JxtaServerPipe you set a credential that remote peers can use to verify your identity (or whatever you want really). When you call "accept()" and a remote peer connects to you, this credential is sent across like you'd expect. The only thing is, once this credential reaches the other end the JxtaBiDiPipe just ignores it and uses the default credential, which it gets locally.

It looks like the credential handling functionality in the JxtaBiDiPipe class hasn't been completed (eg method checkCred() is empty) and I suppose that this might be the reason the credential is getting ignored.

But on the other hand, this might be operating perfectly! Who knows?

So what I'd like to know is:
Is this the expected behaviour?
Where can I submit a bug describing this issue?
I don't mind fixing it myself, how do I go about making a contribution to the source code?

jim =)

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That's a bug. file an issue