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JXTA Investment

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This question comes as absolutely no disrespect to anyone here, but I'm looking at investime both my time and company in JXTA. So, I need to ask honest questions and hopefully get honest responses.

So, in looking around at different peer to peer solutions JXTA definitely hit my radar. My concern however is that the last books published seem to be 2002-2004 and there hasn't been much hype beyond that.

My question(s) are--why does there seem to be low adoption to this framework? Is there something wrong? Is there something better? How do I benefit by adopting JTXA and will there good resources for me as a student of the technology? Why do search engines turn up articles written mostly primarily in 2002?

Your candid feedback is very much appreciated!

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Good question KG.

There are several recent press releases and articles on success stories which involve JXTA (sometimes you have to use the right keywords, try "jxta press release", or "jxta fcs").

JXTA provides a rich set of protocols and APIs (JavaSE, JavaME, C) which enables discovery and connectivity of all kinds of services and devices. Since JXTA is protocol based, any device or service with a network heartbeat can participate in the network. Applications can range from lowest level, such as facilitate discovery and provisioning of a bare-metal system (see JxtaBoot), to peer-2-peer backup (see 312's LeanOnMe), to dynamic cluster formation (see GlassFish V2).

You also should refer to the featured products and companies on the main JXTA home page which lists some of the public known applications/services which utilize JXTA.

Most recently, JXTA is being utilized by the upcoming GlassFish V2 for clustering, and session HA, see


Joined: 2007-08-08


I did look around a little more using your suggestions, and found what I needed. I was primarily worried about being able to hire competent developers and find resources that are up to date. For anyone else asking similar questions, after reading this article, I feel much better: