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Thread suspension

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Joined: 2007-04-11

Hello, everybody, I'd like to know if I need suspend the EDT or any other thread when the window of my application is minimized, or if it is done automatically. I know that the question maybe be stupid, but I only thought about it now and I noticed that I never heard something concerning it in any book that offer a introduction about Java.
I'd like someone answer this question, only for curiosity and anyhow, thank you beforehand.


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Joined: 2006-12-18

No, there is no need to suspend the EDT. I'm not even sure what effect suspending the EDT would have. Is it possible it could prevent your program from restoring its state when de-iconified?

Thread suspension is deprecated, anyway. :p

Not a stupid question. In fact, I might just check what happens when you do that.


Just checked and indeed suspending the EDT gives you no way to unsuspend it by deiconifying. So don't go there. ;)