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href event for fisheye

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Hi All,
I have an html page with two framesets
1.)1stframeset(top of the page) contains
logfield jsp
2.).2nd frameset(below first frameset) contains
Now I had included the dojo fisheye in the logofield.jsp and clicking on any of the jpegs.Earlier I got a reply from murray for redirecting the click event to an url by
(i)including the following in glue.js
jmaki.addGlueListener("/dojo/fisheye", function(args) {
/** alert("sending out dcontainer event to load the url: " +; **/
(ii)including the following in logofield.jsp

(iii)including the following in the contentfield.jsp

At this newer update of jmaki from my netbeans,now I am not able to execute the same by clickin on any of the jpegs.
Plz lemme know how could I solve this with the newer update of jmaki in my nb.

Thanks and Regards

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Joined: 2005-02-10

Hi Kishore,

We are in the process of putting out a new release of jMaki which simplies what you are doing. However, to continue with what you have you will need to do the following. You will need to use the action property.

args="{labelEdge:'bottom', orientation:'vertical'}"
{ iconSrc:'',
label : 'Greg Tab',
action : { message : {url : 'menu1.jsp'}} },
{ iconSrc:'',
label : 'Roberto Tab',
action : { message : {url : 'menu2.jsp'}}
{ iconSrc:'',
href : '',
label : 'test4'

The handler now becomes:
jmaki.subscribe("/dojo/fisheye", function(args) {
/** alert("sending out dcontainer event to load the url: " + args.message.url); **/
jmaki.publish("/jmaki/dcBody1", args.message.url);

See Greg's blog for more info