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JSR 184

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Joined: 2006-12-19

Dear everyone

I want to implement embedded java 3D 3D game.
I kown that I need JSR 184,I have bought JSR 184 soucecode,too expensive!
Is it necessary to build JSR 239 and port OpenGL ES for arm?

I want to build M2 with JSR 184,How to modify soucecode and makefile?

>Sun's commercial release of phoneME Feature contains a full JSR-184 implementation

how to get commercial release?

thanks in advance!
target device:PXA 255 target OS:arm-linux

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Joined: 2006-09-29

Dear huangqiqun,

Can you please provide more details on what kind of JSR 184 sources you have bought? Do they include 3d native engine? This information will help me to give you proper directions on how to build phoneME Feature software MR2 with the optional package.

Regarding becoming the Sun's licensee and get the commercial release please contact the product line manager, Lawrence McDonough (Lawrence.McDonough@Sun.COM), or product boss, Konstantin Zolotnikov (Konstantin.Zolotnikov@Sun.COM).