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Where to start with a peer Group

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sorry to make a thread for this question but i am a little confused.

I am currently working on a Data aquisition system for the control and collection of measurment data with a lot of different measurment devices.

Some of them have a pc as the main heart some not the one with pc can handle to be a peer with the jxta java version some other will be controlled from other pc over the intranet there i have to write a wrapper which handles the socket connection and the peer connection ........

So i want to try to make the hole system based on Jxta ,now i have to create a glabol peer group where the instruments (peers) and the userer can conact to and then sub peers where the instruments conact to make a test measurment

so now my question ,-)

where do i create the global peer group and where the sub groups to perchuse the measurment... I also want to make the db as a peer which handles the db service this is a sepearted pc shoul i generate with this pc the global peer groupe ?

As you see my confusion is the p2p handling as i am the old server client typ ,-(

does sombody can help me ,-( i know a stupid question but the programer guide only helped me to understand the basic programing aspects which i am now familier...

thanks i advance

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I'm new to jxta too, so I could be incorrect, but my understanding is that peers
can only establish pipes and communicate with eachother if they are part of the
same peer group. So I don't understand why you'd want to isolate your instruments
in seperate sub groups.

Also, my understanding is that every peer should be capable of creating the global peer group if it cannot discover it. So I would do it that way and advertise the db as a peer service.

Joined: 2007-07-19

Hi first of all thanks for the reply,

so my idea was to create a global measurment instrument groupe where instruments which are not connected to a sub groupe
( a sub groupe would be then a connection of instruments which are working on a test to collect measurment data and to talk to each other for trigger events or counting etc.) are located.

So the sub groupe is a test (project) so that everybody sees that the instrument isnt visible in the global groupe because the instrument is doing a measurment task in a project sub groupe. And also i would like to create a sub groupe to put a minimal security on it because i am working in our global company network and therfore i need only a minimal security to identify the test person and person how have rights to controll the a test and to connect to the test.

But as you have written my understanding is the same on the current status of learning jxta

//Also, my understanding is that every peer should be capable of creating the global peer group if it cannot discover it. So I would do it that way and advertise the db as a peer service.

Joined: 2004-09-06

OK - I could be off the mark here, but what I think is this.

Every peer when it starts up advertises and joins your top level group - one of them will have to be a rendezvous peer (you may need a relay peer to trraverse NAT). Then all the peers can establish a pipe on this group and talk to eachother -
unless you don't want your sub group peers to establish pipes on this group.

The db peer will advertise itself as a peer service within the top level group so that all peers can establish a pipe with the db peer - I think.

Then the peers that join a password protected sub group can establish a pipe on the subgroup. That way they can talk to eachother in a protected way and talk to the db service.

But I could be completely wrong ;-))