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Application development HELP!...

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Joined: 2007-08-05

hii friends.,
As in my curriculum, i have to develop an application for mobile devices using javaME. It may be either a game or some application. I am eagerly waiting for my project period to start. I have to get the best project award. Please help me out by suggesting some interesting applications.
Thanks in advance.,

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Joined: 2007-08-05

hii friends.. thanks for your kind advices..
i am done with my project.. we as a group of 4 did, location-based pacman.. the simple concept is "You Move-Pacman moves".. its a sort of pacHUman.

Thanks very much..

Joined: 2007-02-20

Hi Raja,

If you want to make a game, I think it's great if it's a multiplayer game, using Bluetooth.
Multiplayer is exciting, you compete with someone else.
Some multiplayer games that maybe good :
- Boxing
- Pet Fighting (just like Pokemon, you grow a pet, then you can fight againts other's pet)

So, how much time do you have to develop the project?

Joined: 2007-08-09

kind of depends on your timeframe. 2 weeks, 2 months to work on it?

id suggesst a small game or perhaps something nifty like
sensing orientation / tilt with the camera aimed at a black cross on a white sheet of paper... depending on how far you are in this art