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Glassfish V2 - code too large for try statement

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I wonder if anyone can help. We are currently investigating moving from Sun Application Server 7 Enterprise Edition to Glassfish v2. I have been evaluating GlassFish on a development server (build b50g-beta3) and so far so good. I have installed a number of applications from our production servers, however I have run into the above problems at runtime when trying to run a large jsp. I'm aware that the jsp is massive and not structured very well.... however it is used to drive printed output, and as the strategy is to move to another printing sollution any development is out of scope for this project. The page display fine under AS7. A collegue mentioned that I can tweak the web.xml file in some servers.... is this the case?

Heres the error.,..

PWC6199: Generated servlet error:
[javac] /ecomm/appsrv/glassfish/nodeagents/my_server01_node_agent/my_server01_client/generated/jsp/j2ee-modules/application-client/org/apache/jsp/presentation/ code too large for try statement
[javac] try {
[javac] ^

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Joined: 2007-08-02

No the above is not my case.... however I followed it through and here are my findings.....

As per the article I have updated the sun-web.xml in the WAR file, it has had no effect, but there is a discrepency....

The file correctly deployed to:


And appears as follows.....


noTryBlocks true

Which also seems to have gone accross to the node agents path at:


But then there is a different copy with the seame time stamp at:


wiithout the additions.....


Appologies, Im from an App Server 7 background.... at what point do each of these files get created and where are they used..... Is it the generated/xml file that is used at runtime hence the jsp-descriptor seemingly having no effect? If so how do I get glassfish to push the copy from the WAR's WEB-INF down the chain?

Thanks all for your help,