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Re: JavaFX Mobile - what is it?

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MSA is not required to support the existing MIDlets out, in fact the
amount of content deployed that requires MSA is currently very small. Still
I don't understand how you propose to add Java FX support from MIDP without
modifying the MIDP spec. Can you provide more details about how Java FX
mobile intends to augment either the lowe level graphics or high level UI
components in MIDP?

Mike M. :

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I probably was unclear in my post. I didn't want to suggest FX/Mobile applications to integrate with the MIDP UI and graphics model or vice versa. What I was trying to say is that I expect FX/Mobile applications to be able to access other MSA APIs in a manner similar to the goal of JSR 249 (MSA for CDC). This would allow you to build FX/Mobile applications that can access the rich MSA APIs.

Sorry for the confusion. Hope that makes sense.

-- Terrence