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Some fundamental Questions

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Hello Everybody,

I was trying to get information about how to install Java to specific hardware for some days, but I didn't find answers that satisfied me.

about the environment:
- OMAP5912, ARM926 (32Bit) with C55x DSP
- Linux with an 2.6.x Kernel
- the System is running from the RAM an is mounted with busybox

I want to install an Java-Application at this hardware, the Application still exist, but what kind of Java do I have to install? This hardware will be used a kind of handheld. Could anybody give me an advice/link to an tutorial/howto where is discribed what i have exactly to install?

Ok, what I found out until now is, that I need CDC. In the diagram I found there are some more components shown, fp, pbp, pp. do I need all of them or is there something that I don't need to get a working j2me-environment?

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