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contact sheet from video v1.1 extract image from video create contact sheet

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Contact Sheet From Video V1.1 on Sourceforge

This software creates a contact sheet from one or multi video files.
Final image dimensions or number of thumbnails are configurable.


* Extract images from video with best quality
* Compute the margins between the images automatically
* Indicate the hour (timestamp) of the extracted image
* Process one video or find video files by criteria (size, date, name)
* Could create one contact sheet starting from 1 video file or several (8 max) video files
* Batch processing of several video files (find video files by criteria)
* Specials characters to create title or result file name linked to video file (like %F : video file name, %d : directory ...)
* This version uses QuickTime for Java (you must have a recent Apple QuickTime on your computer)
* Speed (ex : 5 seconds to create a contactsheet of 16 images from a DV video file 30 minutes lenght)

Add 2 use cases :
1) click on a contact sheet image and start video

2) 4 contact sheets in a pdf file, you can see quickly video files contents