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Re: Digital Signature for MIDlet? - wrong date problem

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Just thought I'd mention an annoyance that we come up against a lot when
deploying digitally signed Java ME apps. Even when the handset has the
correct root certificate installed, if the user has not bothered to set the
correct date on the handset since the last time they took the battery out
then the installation will fail.

A typical signing certificate is valid from when you purchase it for one or
more years ahead. The default date for mobiles when you first put the
battery in is always in the past in my experience.

A great solution would be to simply get a certificate that would be valid
not only for the future but also for the past - back dated to 1995 lets say,
unfortunately I tried to persuade verisign of the need to do this but they
just said that they didn't have the service. Would be cool to check the
system date on the client using wml/javascript so that you could warn the
user as you provision the WAP link but you couldn't even do that when I last

You of course buy a 10 year certificate now, and in about 5 years time or so
it would be really useful.

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