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why Netbeans is not licenced under GPL

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Now OpenJDK is licenced under three lincence (commercial, CDDL and GPL).
So is Sun Solaris.

why Netbeans is not licenced under GPL (just CDDL lincence...)?

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Simple answer: Because Sun didn't license it under the GPL.

It was a deliberate decision. There was a time when the GPL wasn't liked at Sun. And Sun therefore created the CDDL. When they did, when the drafts were out they were asked to consider the GPL instead. They were also asked to ensure that the CDDL would at least be GPL compatible. Sun didn't care and went ahead with the CDDL, and made the CDDL incompatible with the GPL. Yes, I am in the camp that thinks this was deliberate. Sun of course claims it just happened and that it is the fault of the GPL (only that the GPL was first, and it was up to the CDDL makers to ensure compatibility).

Why doesn't Sun relicense Netbeans under the GPL? Maybe they still don't want to. Maybe they are stuck with it and can't change for some legal reason.

BTW, as fare as I know OpenSolaris itself is not dual-licensed under the GPL. It is CDDL only. The distribution contains a few third-party components with other licenses, but the core is CDDL only.

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I'm just a Netbeans user but my understanding is that CDDL is just an BSD-like license with an added clause that gives Sun joint copyright ownership over the product. The reasoning being that if Sun wishes to relicense the entire product line they don't need to contact each person one by one (as you would under GPL) for permission to change the license.

That makes a lot of sense to me. Is there anything specific in CDDL that rubs you the wrong way?