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Reporting Tool for printing on per-formated paper

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Joined: 2007-05-29

Dear Expert,

I am searching for a reporting tool, which can print computer generated data through Java on a per-formated papers.

thou, its not a easy job, because here I need to mention the accurate x,y coordinates and re-design the format so that it can be published over per-formated papers.

So, I need help that any one knows a tool which may perform the following operation:

1- get the accurate x,y coordinates by scanning the per-formated paper
2- publish the data on the accurate positions
3- and in the last but not least, compatible to run online through Applet.

Hopefully, I will get a positive response from all of you or if you have any suggestion which may help me to solve out this problem then I will be great full to you.

Looking forward to your positive response


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Joined: 2007-09-23

You can try Sigma report where they provides flesibility to micro-adjust output alignment.