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Problem with secure pipe TLS Handshake

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As stack trace shows, the TLS Handshake failure originates from impl- code of platform. Also it is not released code. However I hope the following text can be of some further help for you.

[b]From JXSE 2.5 Programmer’s Guide (Page 11 of PDF file)[/b]

It is the intent of the JXTA protocols to be compatible with widely accepted transport-layer security mechanisms. [b]Some JXTA implementations[/b] contain a [b]virtualized TLS implementation[/b] that allows it to [b]secure endpoint-to-endpoint communications[/b] regardless of the number of [b]hops[/b] required to deliver each message.
TLS and IPSec could also be used as JXTA transports. However, when used as transports they provide integrity and confidentiality of message transfer [b]only[/b] between the two communicating peers.

So, so!
I don’t know what a virtualized TLS implementation means. Where can I read about it?

What happens, if you include only ONE [b]intermediate[/b] peer – BUT not able to support TLS- in the path of those 2 peers, located in your local subnet (LAN) and able to communicate via secure pipe?
(ALSO: within the Java code of yourJxtaApp on this intermediate peer, avoiding the use of secure pipe)
I think: they can’t communicate more.

It’s also interesting to know, what happen, if we want to secure communication on synchronous link (JxtaSocket / JxtaServerSocket and JxtaBiDiPipe and JxtaServerPipe) in public net env.

Within the context of this thread, we should also take care about meaning of „[b]intermediate[/b]“:
A Relay, a Rdv or even a full-featured edge peer is an [b]intermediate peer[/b] in a JXTA network „X“ (consisting of let say 5 full-featured edge peers).
„X“ is a virtual network, overlaying (potentially large), physically distributed subnets, each consisting of (potentially many) network nodes, while there some of [b]intermediate nodes [/b] don’t support TLS as a transport protocol, even they belong to the underplaying infrastructure of JXTA network „X“ ( designed for secure transport of data).