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Signature Failed Core Validation

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Joined: 2007-04-13

JWSDP 2.0, JDK 1.6.0_02, migrated code from and into application. Generated XML signature looks good, but validation fails with "signature failed core validation", yet the single [file:] reference validation returns TRUE, i.e., success. How can one diagnose why "core validation" is failing?

Modified and to work around JDK bug when addressing "file:" documents by calling SetBaseURI. Also modified to read keystore created by keytool and extract cert, public key and private key, using them for signature operation.

When using modified GenDetached to sign specific input document, producing detachedSignature.xml, Validate approves the result.

But when using modified GenDetached that has been inserted into my application, Validate rejects the result.

in XML file is identical for both above cases except for the element. Public key information, algorithm, etc., are all identical.

Have dumped input public and private keys to signing process, and all information appears identical.

Are there any hidden configuration properties that may affect the signing process?

How to diagnose "failed core validation"? Thanks.