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connect different pc's with Jxta

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Joined: 2007-07-25

We are two spanish girls, we are doing a project about jxta. sorry for our english!!
We have in an only pc a provider which sends correctly the data to the client through server,the server is a rendezvous peer.But now we wants to use this application in two differents pcs, which they are connected in the same network, the server has to stay in a pc and in the other pc the client and the provider, the pc acts sometimes like a client and other times like a provider.What do we need to configure in this two pcs(ports,DNS,pool...)???or we have to change something of the socket.adv,PlatformConfig.master,ServerPlatformConfig.master..??
We need help as soon as possible!!!Please!!!!!!!!S.O.S!!!!!!
Thank you.

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Joined: 2003-06-12

You should use the latest tutorials under, as they provide much improved configuration and communications patterns to follow.

also see the support developer guide:*checkout*/jxta-guide/trun...

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