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populating contents in the same div

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Hi All,
I have a dojo fisheye on the header of my page.
Once I click on any of the fisheye,I am populating the div(let it be content) below that with contents of an url.
Now the problem is if I click on any of the hrefs in that url,I need to go present another url contents in the same div.

My code looks like this:
for the widget

and populating this in the content div :

and for this made the change in glue.js as:

jmaki.addGlueListener("/dojo/fisheye*", function(args) {

Plz help me out....

Thx and Regards

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Joined: 2003-07-31


What you need to do is on the dcontainer set an args of iframe : true

This will turn the dcontainer into an iframe and when a link is clicked only it will navigate to a new link.