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Please review "Report converter tool does not work while resolving conflic"

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Joined: 2006-10-18

Report converter tools is broken when you uncheck the Always resolved conflicts using the most recent result.

To reproduce the problem :

Bring up Report converter tool Enter two different xml reports Uncheck the Always resolved conflicts using the most recent results Click on Create Report button

A dialog box will be shown with the conflict result and disappear right away. A generating report progress bar will be displayed but it never end. Not even able to cancel the report generator. JavaTest is not usable at this point.

This is a usability bug and should be fixed. The report converter is not usable when checking for unresolved conflicts.

This is bad usability issue.
In this case three UI objects - main JT window, conflict resolve dialog and process indicator can be shown. Z-order is the following -
conflict resolution dialog which waits for user input is in the back, then JT window and the progress indicator is in the top. Sure user can rearrange windows but he can just not understand this. The right solution is don't show both progress and dialog. If we need to show conflict dialog we should hide the indicator and voice versa.The simple (very cheap) solution is don't show the progress indicator if "Always resolved conflicts using the most recent result" unchecked

Suggested Fix
To hide wait dialog before to show conflict resolution dialog and to show wait dialog after conflict resolution dialog hiding

The fix and some code cleanup is here -

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Joined: 2006-10-13

In general, OK with the fix -
The issue is easily reproducible before and not reproducible after applying the fix.
code review: ok

two minor issues:

- irrelevant code update (clean up) should not be present in the diff.
- the code change looks very complex, and if there is no way to do it in a bit more
simple way, it should have been justified.

Joined: 2006-10-18