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CLDC - Basic Project Opening Troubles

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I have to complete a small project someone has begun.
This project includes some class files (*.class), and some gif/jpg/png/bmp files.

I can't open this project with the emulator.

Is it because there is no source file (*.java)? Is it a must?

According to the UserGuide (p. 2-7, step 1), it seemed that this file is a must.


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Joined: 2004-03-04


Which emulator are you using? WTK 2.5 for CLDC?

A MIDP application requires:
- A jad file with the required properties definitions
- A jar file with a Manifest file, the class files, and any additional resources (eg. png images)

If you've installed WTK on your machine it should be enough to double-click the jad file to run the MIDP application. If you want to open the MIDP application or change any of its settings then you need to have a WTK project defined that contains all neceeary files. To create a project from a jad and jar file use the WTK "File" menu "Create project from JAD/JAR file ..."

Hope that helps,

-- Terrence