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Avoiding Plugins Using M3G

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I need to write a 3D application in Java and I do not want the user experience interrupted by requests to download plugins, requests for permission to install libraries, or anything else that requires the user to agree to install something new. Let's assume they already have the Java plugin installed.

I'm deciding between M3G and Java3D. Someone told me that my "no plugins/downloads" policy can be achieved using M3G and that M3G is not just for mobile devices, and that is a prime example of this.

Is it true that M3G can be used to build 3D applications without users downloading 3D libraries or anything else? Is it true that M3G applications can run on the PC? Finally, am I restricted to M3G or could I achieve the same result using Java3D?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I am not a 3D expert but here are some comments.

It is not clear from your post whether you want to deploy your 3D application on a desktop, in a browser, on a mobile device, or all of these.

There was a thread on the topic a while back in the phoneME forums:

I don't know how works. It appears the "personality designer" is a Java plugin but I don't know which 3D API it is using.

-- Terrence