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Unable to start GlassFish server in Eclipse 3.3

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I'm using a last version of Eclispe - 3.3 and have a big problem - the glassfish plugin very and very frequently cannot start GlassFish v2 server (b55).
But really server is started in background (and console log are correct too) and plugin doesn't recognized server status.
How to fix this? It's bug?

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You likely have a port mismatch between Eclips'e server conrfiguration and GlassFish
in Eclipse Server pane, right click your server and select Open
you have a Server Port Number and an Admin Server Port Number

compare this to the port numbers given at installation, or login to the app server at your admin port, select Application Server in the left pane and look at the port numbers in the right pane
eg. HTTP Port(s): 4848,8181,49257
means Admin 4848
Server Port 8181
And your app for the Eclipse Instance uses 49257

Happy to Help

Harald Rudell

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Thanks for the reply but not sure i'm resolved.

I opend the server and the defaulot ports are admin server port 4848, and server port 8080

My screen does not show a 49257 or another port number (presumbably the one eclipse is using )

however - i upgraded to the latest glassfish v2 UR1 release today and that seems to behave fractionally better - but i still dont think its synced properly

how does one configure the eclipse port thats used for the adapter?

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You can modify the host, port, and admin port settings when you create a new server, or by right clicking the server and selecting 'Open'

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folks - having the exact same problem and lodged a message on the main forum first - didnt see this at the time.

i am running europa eclipse, downloaded the glassfish server adapter and the server starts but eclipse loses it -

i've turned my firewall off - no soap - what ports does the plugin use - and how come it starts it (presumably thats runningt a script) but fails to attach to the instance -

eclipse says its not running and i cant deploy through eclipse

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I'm sorry. This problem has been solved. It's conflict with an another application.

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Hello akira_ag,

Would you be able to explain what you did to resolve this issue you were having?

It seems as though I am having the same problem, but I can't pinpoint the source of the issue.

I'm using Eclipse 3.3 (Europa), along with Glassfish V2. (As outlined in

When I try starting my GlassFish server through Eclipse, it says it has failed, even though it has started successfully in the background. Of course Eclipse thinks it failed, and still shows the status of the server as stopped, thus preventing me from shutting it down through Eclipse. In order to stop it, I have to manually do it through the console using asadmin.

I'm hoping the solution you found will work for me as well.

I appreciate any assistance you (or anyone else) can provide

-- Cam

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Hi! I'm sorry for late response.
I found that my torrent-client use more TCP ports and are conflicting with starting GlassFish. For now I'd exiting this application when GlassFish are starting.

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I am having the same problem, only I don't think I have anything running that uses up the ports. I can see that eclipse itself grabs a couple of dozen of connections (which don't appear to go away when I close eclipse). I have uninstalled anything I could think of that I did not need and still am having this problem. This is a new laptop with relatively few programs on it. Additionally, I have noticed that when I try to use eclipse3.3/glassfish2 my winxp user profiles get corrupted (symptom - when I shut down my pc there is a whole bunch of programs that I need to close by hand, including explorer.exe). I have to use uphclean.exe from ms to undo the damage.
Any idea what might be wrong?

Thank you