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State of GISP?

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Joined: 2006-07-22


GISP [] seems to have stuck on version 3.4 beta4.

Is the GISP technology hibernating or is it being actively maintained?

Is anybody using GISP to enable distributed indexing?

Is there any JXTA related technoogy that superseeds GISP in terms of distributed indexing?


//Peter Odéus

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Joined: 2005-07-26

Hello Peter,

It seems GISP is living on under the name of [b]SRDI (Shared Resource, Distributed Index[/b], what a sounding identifier!) as a core service of JXSE 2.4.1.

It think, that SRDI relies on a hybrid programming model (using peer view’s members to maintain the application-data) instead of a pure P2P - model. It has a general design and the related API is located in the [b]net.jxta.resolver[/b] sub-package).
Generally the standard Java implementations of JXSE / JXME platforms are fully customizable and extendable, through intensive use of interfaces and abstract classes.

SRDI can be customized to meet the individual application requirements, as you ask for.
Some of core platform services like [b]Discovery, Message Routing[/b] are using their own customized implementations of SRDI. You can look at the respective segments of JXSE 2. 4.1 source code to get more feeling about „How“.

I hope the above mentioned statements are correct and helping to go on.