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Does browser's java plugin for linux support graphic acceleration ?

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Hi everyone.
I don't know if I'm posting to the right place... but
I'm using ubuntu feisty, on an amd64.
I have installed jdk 1.6 (64 bits version) to devellop, and jre 1.6 (32bits version) to use applet enbedded on a browser (firefox, with
I want to use an applet, which runs well under eclipse (ie with appletviewer), but under my browser, it is very slow, as if video acceleration is not enabled. is it true ? can I do something to resolve that ?

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I assume you are running Firefox 32 in a chroot?
It would be interesting to see if you could run 32-bit glxinfo or some movie player (in 32-bit mode)
to see if you get video acceleration (or not).

I assume that the appletviewer in eclipse is the 64-bit one... so if for some
strange reason there may be some tuning differences (i.e. by default)
between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions (use jvmstat to find out for sure).

It may be worth looking on the Ubuntu wiki and forums as well.



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Well there could be several reasons why your appletviewer runs faster:
- 64-bit JVM has only the server-compiler which is faster than client, but the 32-bit plugin uses client as default
- You rely heavily on software-rendering which may benefit a lot from more registers available when running in 64-bit mode.
- Really a problem with JVM and/or graphic accaleration.

I would recommend oprofile to see where the bottleneck is:
opcontrol --reset
opcontrol --start --no-vmlinux
1-2min testing
opcontrol --stop
opreport -l

Good luck, lg Clemens

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I have done that you suggest, but I don't know what to do with the output, so I've uploaded it to the following link :

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Well sad that the output is almost useless - it seems you don't have any symbols in libc :-/

It shows however that 75% of total CPU cycles is spent inside of libc - which indicates that something is really going wrong, and its quite likely not because of faster calculation in 64-bit mode that your 32-bit JVM is running so slow.

However without some debuging-symbols, this is the only thing I can tell you about the output.

lg Clemens