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Need Information about Jxta CMS

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Joined: 2007-06-21

Hello list,
i need to implement a kind-of-filesharing using jxta. So far I found that it should be possible easy with CMS. But I haven't found a single useful tutorial about it. I even bought a book "Mastering JXTA" which includes ~6 pages of CMS (plus source code). But didn't work. The file was published but i couldn't retrieve or even find it.
Could someone please help me? time is running out...
Thanks alot and best regards

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Joined: 2005-07-26

Hi Henning,

Check out the following URI:

Because CMS is a part (plug in) of myjxta subproject, you can download the source code of CMS from following link:
To reach this link click on the link subversion, located left at homepage of myjxta.


Pay also attention to version of JXSE and JDK you have to use, when running jxta samples…