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2 xsd files with duplicate complexType, how to convert to java?

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Joined: 2007-07-18

Hi, I'm new to Jaxb and tried to search in the mailinglist and the forum, but I cannot seem to find an answer to my problem.

I have 2 public xsd files which you can find here:

I would like to use these schema's for xml marshalling in java. I can run xjc to convert one of the schema's into Java objects. This works perfectly. But when I want to convert the 2 xsd files at the same time I run into error:

[xjc] [ERROR] A class/interface with the same name "pacs.CreditorReferenceInformation1" is already in use. Use a class customization to resolve this conflict.

I understand the problem, both xsd files contain the same (duplicate) complexType "CreditorReferenceInformation1". (For me this object is really the same object).

What I cannot figure out is how to solve this problem? Should I use XJC Customizations? (The error suggests a class customization). Where can I find an appropriate example?

I have two goals:
1) I do not prefer to mannually change the xsd files.
2) I do not want to have duplicate java code

Hints and tips are much appreciated!

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Joined: 2007-02-07

You could compile them separately and use an external binding file with one of the compilations to rename the class for the duplicate type to something else. I don't recall the exact syntax required, but it's something like this:

Of course then you would simply not use the DuplicateCreditorReferenceInformation1 class.