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Trying to achieve Mission Impossible: Getting Cell Info Using WMA API

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In my application i am trying to display location, which is similar to "Cell Info Display Feature", after going through few article i came to know that Cell info will be broad casted to the mobile. so i have written a program which keeps on polling for CBS Message with 1 to 65000 as message id's i.e first the program keeps polling for CBS Message with message id 1 for 15 secs and within that time if the message is not been received then i close that connection and keep polling for CBS Message with next Message id.

but the problem i am facing is, programe is running fine till Message ID 34 and then the mobile getting stuck. i am testing the application in Nokia e60.

here is the source code

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Can you provide more information?

- In which line of code does the application "get stuck"?
- have you tried this on a different device?
- Have you tried to run this code on WTK using the SMS simulation facility?

-- Terrence