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Need help: GPS: How to fetch and show traffic data from google map?

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I am developing an application of accessing google map on mobile and locating user's current position in J2ME using JSR 179, I done with lots of things so i want to fetch TRAFFIC, i request pls help me out if anybody's knows the approach or source code...that how can we access traffic data on google map in j2me

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I don't know about Google traffic data - currently it seems to only be available as a map overlay:

However, Yahoo! seems to offer a REST API to access traffic information:

You might also want to consider using the Mobile Ajax libraries in the ME Application Developers project to access web services:

Hope this helps,

-- Terrence

Joined: 2007-07-16


Thank u very much for guiding me..
As per your approach i gone through with the yahoo ..and xml parsing and all…and I successfully fetched the traffic map of particular location on device…lots of things I got to know by this procedure..
I really appreciate your support and especially so quick reply of my query!!
Now, as my requirement is of google’s traffic data, so once again I request for the same…give me approach if u find any.