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using barcode reader on a PDA and have an application wake up and execute.

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I am trying to create a application which are to be running on a PDA and wakes up and execute when i use a barcode reader, similar to Push Registry which can execute an application on incomming connections.
But i cannot use Push Registry through port connections only through web connections and i don't know if the barcode reader are to use USB port or bluetooth port yet.
have you guys any suggestions what i can use in order to implement this, or have you any solutions to this problem? have J2ME any interfaces or services i can use in order to implement this??? I am using netbeans 5.5.


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There isn't an easy solution that we've found to this. Generally, Push Registry won't work, as you've got to have a way for the barcode scanner to pulse the PDA to take it out of sleep mode.

We make a barcode font so you can print barcodes from Windows and Macs using a word processor. I hope this helps.

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you can take a try on Barcode reader for java from you can use it to recognize more than 20 linear and 2d barcode types.

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Sorry for my late answer!!
I guess i will use your bluetooth solution, but how to set up a listener when the application is closed? the event listener will not do anything as long as the application is closed, i guess i then need some sort of background thread running in the vm, i have heard this is possible but i don't remember how. This will be like an agent running in the vm and execute the application on demand.

PushRegistry have in Midp 3 the abilitity to execute aan application on port connections, it was relsed in may 2006. but i don't know how many types of PDA's who support's it yet.

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Some of your assumptions are currently correct but may not be by the time you are done developing. The understanding that push registry is only Web connection based (URL) is not totally correct. In MIDP2 PushRegistry was provided an alarm, and SMS support, as well as Datagrams, however all but alarms are optional. I believe I read that Bluetooth connections would be included in MSA spec and I think MIDP3. So depending on your VM implementation you may have an option with PushRegistry.

However let's assume your PDA vm is never going to make it to either standard (a bet I feel safe making) You might be able to put your application in the background and listing for event from the connection. Then waking up (bringing to the foreground) the application when new data is found.

For bluetooth you should have the ability to setup a listener for event, and a ServiceRequestHandler to trigger when inbound data is received. For serial/usb/comm port, you may need to setup an event thread that listens (don't have any USB API for J2ME experience just comm ports so there may be other options there).

That would be a way of addressing it I think....But I'm sure there are other ways too.
Let us know what path and bumps along the way you encounter.

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