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Framebuffer on ARM, and tslib for touch screen (on OpenMoko, 1973)

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for a project I quickly needed a J2ME CLDC implementation on the FIC Neo1973 (running OpenMoko) and so, over the course of the last weekend, I massaged PhoneME Feature MR2 to compile for that platform and, most importantly, use tslib ( for mouse input. I saw that in the past (e.g. you already wondered about touch screen input, and I'm glad to have found tslib for this purpose: it is really straight-forward and easy to use.

If you want to, I can provide you with the modified files (midp/src/events/input_port/fb/native/fb_handle_input.c and midp/src/highlevelui/fb_port/fb/native/fb_port.c), though my quick hack probably is too dirty to be integrated. However, as I said, tslib is really straight-forward, and I imagine that if you know your way around PhoneME you could implement support for it in a few hours.

Henryk Pl

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I am also working on porting phoneme feature mr4 to our touch screen linux/arm device. If you still have the source code on how you integrated tslib in phoneme, please post it in this forum. It would be of great help to me, as i am new to Java and don't have much experience in stuff like porting.


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To publish your code here or contributing to repository you need to sign Sun Contributor Agreement etc. The instructions are on

However for this purpose it might just too heavyweight. It might be better solution just to post here or to some appropriate wiki page the instructions on how to do that avoiding publishing pieces of code or like that (what could be considered as your Intellectual Property which this project cannot reuse without you singing the SCA)

Thank you!