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Presence service

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Now we are using the Rendezvous Service to propagate the presence of peers in the network. When a node comes into the network it registers itself in the Rendezvous and with the "propagateInGroup" function the rendezvous notify this presence to the rest of nodes in the peer group. When a node leaves the network and the rendezvous doesn't receive the "reconnect", it notifies that the node has gone. We are not sure this is the best way of getting a presence service.
We were looking for some presence service and I have seen that "the JXTA Community is currently working on a fully featured Presence Management Framework that will provide much more functionality than the sample application's Presence service". It should be on the "" project, but I can not find anything about it.
Can anyone help us with this issue?

Thanks in advanced

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Joined: 2007-07-05

Using discovery for presence is not a good idea. I was told so also by a JXTA guru that shall remain unnamed ;-)
His recommendation to me which I plan to follow is to simply use a bidipipe connection. that is, keep a list of peers you want to keep track of, let them have a public bidipipe always available and simply connect and disconnect from that pipe at regular intervals. You do not need to implement more than that since a connection to the pipe confirm presence of that peer. No actual communication need to take place.
It may not be pretty but it will get the job done.
Hope it helps.

Joined: 2007-06-28

Thanks for your answer Andrea. I'll follow your advice