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Java Over EDB9315A (cirrus logic Board)

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Dear All,
really i need help in the implement of a device

I had a EDB9315A development board (cirrus logic Board) with ARM920T processor & Opie Linux as operating system loaded over the board.

i need to build a GUI as a startup program using JAVA, but really i did not know how to start?

So i need your advice about the tools and how can i deploy that ??


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You seem to imply that Opie is a variant/distribution of Linux; that's not strictly true. OPIE (Open Palmtop Integrated Environment) is a graphic environment based on Qt/Embedded 2.3 which runs on top of Linux. There used to be some "JRE" packages for Opie (the original JRE from the Sharp Zaurus ROM could be used and a J2ME PP JRE from IBM used to be available somewhere on alphaWorks/developerWorks). I'm not sure if these are still available and I'm afraid I don't have any links to them. The best place to ask would probably be the Java forum at

Also, *if* there is an open-source JVM/library that can run on embedded Linux, its build script is almost certainly included in OpenEmbedded's collection of BitBake recipes:

For more information on what OpenEmbedded is please see

Hope this helps.


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Opie is based on Qt, is that correct? If yes, both of the Java ME stacks in our community, phoneME Feature ( as well as phoneME Advanced ( support Linux and Qt. I am not sure how much work exactly has to be done to port either to an Opie platform but the effort should be fairly moderate.

So first you'll need to decide if you require a CLDC/MIDP stack (phoneME Feature) or a CDC/PP/PBP stack (phoneME Advanced) and then look at the appropriate project, download the code, and start experimenting yourself. You'll get help from our developers monitoring the forums (see

Hope this helps.

-- Terrence