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Hiding/Displaying Widgets Using JSP Tags

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Joined: 2006-08-28

I'm trying to dynamically load a grid using the JSP tag (). I'd like to create the widget with a visibility:hidden until I execute an event (button pushed) to display data in the grid.

How does one hide/display a JSP tag widget?

Should be a no brainer?



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Joined: 2005-02-10

Hi Jkirby,

Not exactly what you are asking for but can you use a drawer widget? It can be closed by default and when opened it will load content which can be statically included or pointed to by a URL. Note that the user can open the drawer anytime by clicking on it.

If this can't work for you then I think you will need to use CSS. I can follow up on that.


Joined: 2006-08-28

Carla -

I was using the EXT JS grid which allowed the argument visibility:hidden to be used to make it invisible. What I couldn't get to work was finding the correct element reference to the grid to make it visible in a javascript function (document.getElementById().style.visibility). I switched to the Dojo table which allowed me to reference the table to perform hidden/visible calls via document.getElementById().style.visibility. Not sure what the difference was?