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port MIDP to gtk

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Joined: 2007-05-08

Hello everyone:

Now Midp in MR2 supports linux-fb.

But this implementation draws directly into frame buffer.

If there are already some gtk applications, midp app will disturb current gtk apps.

The current gtk apps does not work.

More touch screen event and key events can not be pass to midp apps now.

So now I want to port midp to gtk, but we can not find source code about gtk.

I remember that the first reference implementation of midp in 2001 is base on gtk.

Could Sun company release these source code of gtk ? It does not matter if these code not work or there are some bugs.

Or if Sun company has some plan to support gtk in the future?

Now CDC based on gtk is ok, I do not know if midp ui can reuse cdc ui just like reusing GCI UI in CDC UI.


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Joined: 2006-10-18

Hi Mao,

Actually phoneME code should have almost no similarity to original MIDP RI so even if you have it it won't help you. Another thing is that AFAIK Sun is not open-sourcing RIs

Instead - as you said CDC (phoneME Advanced) has GTK support and indeed support MIDP via the same codebase with phoneME Feature. The UI framework integration code is not converged yet but it has chances to give you an idea