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i got two problems:

1. I annotated a bean which is derived from an abstract class with

public abstract class Base {
public abstract int someMethod();

public class Derived extends Base {
public int someMethod() {
return 0;

When i try to deploy my application, glassfish reports

"Classes annotated with @javax.jws.WebService must not have abstract
methods. Class: Base Method: someMethod"

Though this method is abstract in the base class, it is not abstract
within the derived class. So i don't see a problem here?

Is this a bug?

2. I got two other classes:

public class Base {
public int someMethod() {
return 0;

public class Derived {

Now if i try to deploy this application, i got the following error:

"The web service defined by the class Derived does not contain any valid

According to JSR-181, Section 3.1, "all public methods other than those
inherited from java.lang.Object will be exposed as Web Service

My class has an operation "someMethod" which is public.

Is this another bug?

Thanks & best regards
T. Jungblut

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