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A good News: The JXTA Migration!

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Joined: 2005-02-04

It seems like most of the sub projects (community projects?) don't have their files moved over yet. I just checked about 6 of them and all of them have zero files (MyJXTA, some others).


Joined: 2005-09-06

All of the files associated with the projects have been migrated over at this point. (Please note some projects had a 'minimal' migration where only top level files and most recent source was moved over. Other projects, such as the core jxta implementations, as well as many others, had full migrations which brought over a large history of materials.)

Please be sure to check what source repository the project/subproject is using. On, all the source repositories were managed by cvs. On, some projects are using cvs and some are using subversion. I checked out one of the subprojects you mentioned - myjxta - and if I click on 'Subversion' on the left hand navigation, I can see all the files for this project. HOWEVER, the myjxta home page gives instructions on how to check out the files using cvs - this project is no longer using cvs, it is using subversion, that may be why you're not getting any files.

Please check and see if this resolves your issue.

Stephanie Kaul :)
JXTA Community Manager

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